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Selecte from the categories in the tabs above. The chemistry tab has a list of the most current units of study in Mr. Franz's Chemistry class.



Many come from the Mr. Franz's own School Website & the site he wrote for his science sudents, HaltomScience.

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Current Unit

Gas Laws

Mr. Franz's students are currently learning about Gas Laws



Image 01 The most recent unit - Stoichiometry has TWO working simultaions. The first is a grams-to-grams stoichiometry calculator, and the second is a Limiting Reactant Problem generator. Both are avaiable by clicking on the image above.

Gas Laws

Image 02 The gas law unit covers Boyke's Law, Charles' Law, Gay-Luissac's Law, Avogadro's Law & the combined gas law. It also includes the ideal gas law and a discussion of kinetic molecular theory (KMT). The complete portions are available above. The rest are in development.

Solutions & Solubility

Image 03 The Unit "Solutions & Solubility" has not been started. There are no pages yet for this unit.

Acids & Bases

Image 04The Unit "Acids & Bases" has not been started. There are no pages yet for this unit.
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